The Sun represents our qualities, capabilities, strengths, skills, talents and our deepest potentials.

Sun in Sagittarius


You are a Yes Man! You are the first person to be called when a friend needs an adventurer! Even if that it is just an exploration of the mind.

You are optimistic and enthusiastic. You expand your horizons through travel, knowledge, ideas, understanding, teaching, languages, foreign cultures or publishing.

You are freedom loving and have a difficulty dealing with restrictions.


⊕ Straightforward
⊕ Philosophical
⊕ Freedom-loving
⊕ Broadminded
⊕ Athletic
⊕ Generous
⊕ Optimistic
⊕ Just
⊕ Religious
⊕ Scholarly
⊕ Enthusiastic
⊕ Adventurous


The Moon represents our emotions, feelings, how we feel about our Mother, and our instincts.

Moon in Sagittarius

Emotionally Adventurous

A Moon in Sagittarius goes to a corner store, and comes back with the most elaborate and crazy story you could even imagine!

My brother-in-law has his Moon in Sagittarius and literally he goes to get gas and comes back with tales of Christmas miracles! Life is surely never a dull moment, when you have a funny and optimistic Moon in Sag around! They are the ones that are never home because they are out exploring the world around them through optimistic and fresh eyes.

Sagittarius is ruled by the 9th house of higher education, long distance travel, philosophy and spirituality.

In your eyes, your mother was adventurous, and pretty much left you to your own devices. It was hard to get her attention, as she was always at a distance–whether physically or emotionally. Your mother was a jovial person with an infectious laugh and a need for fun.


Mercury represents our mind, the way we communicate and our reasoning abilities.

Mercury in Sagittarius



Venus represents our affections, social urges, love, beauty and how we act in close relationships.

Venus in Sagittarius



Mars represents our sexual drive and where we expel our energies.

Mars in Sagittarius



Jupiter represents our expansion, growth and development.

Jupiter in Sagittarius



Saturn represents our hardest lessons, learning principles and our authority.

Saturn in Sagittarius



Uranus represents .

Uranus in Sagittarius



Neptune represents .

Neptune in Sagittarius



Pluto represents our .

Pluto in Sagittarius


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