The Sun represents our qualities, capabilities, strengths, skills, talents and our deepest potentials.

Sun in Aquarius


You are the most interesting and special of all of the zodiac signs … because you aim to be!

You are open-minded, generous and rebellious. You are the non-conformist of the Zodiac.

Your goal is to distinguish yourself in a unique and unusual way.


⊕ Independent
⊕ Inventive
⊕ Tolerant
⊕ Individualistic
⊕ Progressive
⊕ Artistic
⊕ Scientific
⊕ Logical
⊕ Humane
⊕ Intellectual


The Moon represents our emotions, feelings, how we feel about our Mother, and our instincts.

Moon in Aquarius

Emotionally Detached

A Moon in Aquarius person is different, unique and unlike anyone else you know. Moon in Aquarius’ are more focused on humanity as a whole, and may have trouble relating emotionally to close relationships. A Moon in Aquarius uses intellect to understand their emotions, instead of actually feeling them.

Individuality is needed for a Moon in Aquarius to feel emotionally secure, and the last thing they want are boundaries and limitations. You seem to be ahead of your time and you have innovative and ingenious ideas that are eventually met with the changing times.

Friends are sometimes closer to you than actual family and you pride yourself on being a good friend and humanitarian.

Aquarius is ruled by the 11th house of humanitarianism, peers and the public.

In your eyes, your mother is emotionally independent. Your mom never really had to discipline you because from a young age, you already established the idea of what is right and what is wrong–not really needing any help from mother dearest. This placement has the potential to be friends with your parents, rather than an authoritative relationship.


Mercury represents our mind, the way we communicate and our reasoning abilities.

Mercury in Aquarius



Venus represents our affections, social urges, love, beauty and how we act in close relationships.

Venus in Aquarius



Mars represents our sexual drive and where we expel our energies.

Mars in Aquarius



Jupiter represents our expansion, growth and development.

Jupiter in Aquarius



Saturn represents our hardest lessons, learning principles and our authority.

Saturn in Aquarius



Uranus represents .

Uranus in Aquarius



Neptune represents .

Neptune in Aquarius



Pluto represents our .

Pluto in Aquarius


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