The Sun represents our qualities, capabilities, strengths, skills, talents and our deepest potentials.

Sun in Virgo


Ahh healthy and competent, Virgo.

Just being in your presence has a calming effect, as everyone knows that you will take care of what needs to be done…or at least know how to do it!

You are down-to-earth, reliable and industrious. You pay a great deal of attention to detail.

You are service-oriented and discriminating, you criticize and classify most everything and everyone you encounter.


⊕ Industrious
⊕ Studious
⊕ Scientific
⊕ Methodical
⊕ Discriminating
⊕ Fact-Finding
⊕ Exacting
⊕ Clean
⊕ Humane
⊕ Perfectionist


The Moon represents our emotions, feelings, how we feel about our Mother, and our instincts.

Moon in Virgo

Emotionally Critical

Ahh the Moon in Virgo. It is easy to spot a Moon in Virgo because they are the ones standing.

Moon in Virgo lives to serve–that is if they are being appreciated and encouraged for it! A Moon in Virgo is a finicky placement, who is critical, worrisome, energetic and sometimes misunderstood.

Both my husband and father-in-law have their Moons in Virgo, and as a Libra I love when these two are in the same room because I can do my lazy thing and I know that all of my needs will be taken care of! However, they are also petulant, aka grumpy. I can already see my husband as that future grumpy-old-man!

A Moon in Virgo is a worker, who prides themselves on their work ethic and routine stability. It pains them to take time off work, as they have trouble seeing the big picture and are stuck in the day-to-day.

You are painfully critical of others, but the criticism you unleash on your self is nothing in comparison. My advice for a worry-free life is meditation. Meditation will allow you to think your thoughts but not attach to them and obsess over them–finally giving you the relief you deserve!

Virgo is ruled by the 6th house of day-to-day routine activities, work and service to others.

In your eyes, your mom wasn’t perfect; however you knew that she is the person that you needed in your life so you accept her and her faults. Your mother may have been overly organized, obsessed with matching and coordination, routine-strict, and clean. She may have been critical and cool towards you, yet hardworking and dedicated.


Mercury represents our mind, the way we communicate and our reasoning abilities.

Mercury in Virgo



Venus represents our affections, social urges, love, beauty and how we act in close relationships.

Venus in Virgo



Mars represents our sexual drive and where we expel our energies.

Mars in Virgo



Jupiter represents our expansion, growth and development.

Jupiter in Virgo



Saturn represents our hardest lessons, learning principles and our authority.

Saturn in Virgo



Uranus represents .

Uranus in Virgo



Neptune represents .

Neptune in Virgo



Pluto represents our .

Pluto in Virgo


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