My Manifestation List

Manifesting is easy and you have the power to literally have everything that you need!
I have quite a few different techniques that I use for manifestation; but the main and most important ingredient is gratitude! Be grateful for the things that you already have, and the Universe will give you MORE!

1. A Family Vacation
Visualization is an important tool when manifesting your desires!
Visualizing through images, static thoughts and vision boards are all a part of the process to get you to FEEL like you have what you desire! Visualization is just the short cut to the feelings that are actually doing all the manifesting!

The Universe wants to deliver what you want; but it only knows what you want through your thoughts and feelings.

Visualizing convinces you to feel yourself to a full and happy life!


2. Acceptance into the program of my dreams! Click here for an update
Manifest List - School
Writing down your desires during the New Moon is another powerful ally in turning your dreams into reality!

The New Moon is a time for growth, and the written word allows the energies of the Universe to take effect!
I have written down this manifestation every month since I applied 4 months ago and according to my pendulum, I have been accepted!

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