The Moon represents our emotions, feelings, how we feel about our Mother, and our instincts.

Moon in Taurus

Emotionally Stable

Stability makes you feel emotionally secure, and you are centered in the material plane. You want the best of everything, especially physical comforts, and will not settle for anything less.

It is hard to convince you of anything other than what you believe, and once you set your mind on something–it is SET.

Moon in Taurus is a very grounding energy that will stabilize any erratic sun sign; even a Sun in Aries will seem more relaxed with a Moon in Taurus.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and the 2nd house of finances, possessions, valuables and collectibles.

The ideals and training that were impressed upon you by your mother, are not easily left by you. As you are closely, though not necessarily happily, linked to your mother you will continue on the traditions that she instilled in you.

Moon in Gemini

Emotionally Communicative

A Moon in Gemini person fits into any crowd and is highly adaptable. Maybe a little too adaptable, as it may be difficult to not blend with the people that you are with, instead of standing on your own.

A Moon in Gemini knows everything about everything, and everyone. They are communicative, inquisitive, intelligent and curious. A Moon in Gemini makes a great friend, who will talk with you for hours about any subject; however getting into the depths of topics can be difficult and a Moon in Gemini may seem superficial and shallow.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and the 3rd house of siblings, communication, intellect and short term travel.

In your eyes, your mother is an intelligent person who is friendly and sociable. You may see your mother as emotionally detached, but very supportive of your education and early speaking manners.

Moon in Cancer

Emotionally Possessive

The Moon is very comfortable in Cancer, and it is easy for your emotions to be expressed through this placement. However, that can make you seem moody and extremely sensitive to others. Although you are highly influenced by your emotions, you may keep them hiding under a hard shell.

You need attention from loved ones to make you feel emotionally secure, and home really is your sanctuary.

A Moon in Cancer may be possessive when it comes to their loved ones, and feelings of inferiority are common with this placement.

Cancer is ruled by the 4th house of home and family.

In your eyes, your mother is the quintessential mother–although I have found that this is usually a facade and the Moon in Cancer either has an incredible relationship with their mother or a flawed one. The flawed relationship may stem from resentment towards the mother, as they expected them to be more “motherly” than they are.*

Monitor your dreams, especially around the Full and New Moons, as they are a direct link to the answers and sense of stability that you need.

* Side note: I personally know three Moon in Cancers, ages varying, and they all still live at home or have a very close relationship with their mothers.  This has always been hard for me to understand, as I have my Moon in Aquarius–I can wait weeks before talking to my mom!

Moon in Leo

Emotionally Dramatic

My baby niece has her Moon in Leo, and babies are the best tool to use when defining a Moon’s characteristics.

My Niece feeds off of attention, praise and applause and you can pretty much get her to do anything if you have a smile on your face and clap for her afterwards.

The Moon in Leo loves to entertain, whether that be on stage or in the middle of the living room.

Moon in Leo’s need the dramatics, the attention and the support to shine! I find this is a very easy placement, as a Moon in Leo just wants to have fun, love life and be creative and adventurous. A Moon in Leo does not like to be embarrassed, so the best way to get your point across is to speak with them one on one with truth and understanding.

Leo is ruled by the 5th house of fun, creativity, children, speculation and gambling.

In your eyes, your mom is the centre of attention! Your mom is a dramatic person, with a sense of adventure and a “YOLO” attitude that has fed into your subconscious mind. Your mom may have dominated you in your youth.

Keep giving your mom reasons to be proud of you, and you will satisfy your emotional maternal needs.

Moon in Virgo

Emotionally Critical

Ahh the Moon in Virgo. It is easy to spot a Moon in Virgo because they are the ones standing.

Moon in Virgo lives to serve–that is if they are being appreciated and encouraged for it! A Moon in Virgo is a finicky placement, who is critical, worrisome, energetic and sometimes misunderstood.

Both my husband and father-in-law have their Moons in Virgo, and as a Libra I love when these two are in the same room because I can do my lazy thing and I know that all of my needs will be taken care of! However, they are also petulant, aka grumpy. I can already see my husband as that future grumpy-old-man!

A Moon in Virgo is a worker, who prides themselves on their work ethic and routine stability. It pains them to take time off work, as they have trouble seeing the big picture and are stuck in the day-to-day.

You are painfully critical of others, but the criticism you unleash on your self is nothing in comparison. My advice for a worry-free life is meditation. Meditation will allow you to think your thoughts but not attach to them and obsess over them–finally giving you the relief you deserve!

Virgo is ruled by the 6th house of day-to-day routine activities, work and service to others.

In your eyes, your mom wasn’t perfect; however you knew that she is the person that you needed in your life so you accept her and her faults. Your mother may have been overly organized, obsessed with matching and coordination, routine-strict, and clean. She may have been critical and cool towards you, yet hardworking and dedicated.

Moon in Libra

Emotionally Attached

When is the last time you were single? No, really single, as in you aren’t emotionally available to anyone but yourself? Do you even remember? It makes sense–you love to love, and people just love to love you!

You are a delight to be around, pleasant, sociable and extremely polite. However, you are eager to please and your passive-aggressive nature will only bring out the ability for your loved ones to take advantage of you, which in turn will cause you to resent them.

You will do anything for the people you care about, but who is taking care of you?

Libra is ruled by the 7th house of relationships, partnerships and contracts.

In your eyes, your mother was refined and polite. You view her as sociable, entertaining and rarely alone. Your mother instilled your excellent manners and general behaviour  and encouraged your eye for the beautiful and artistic things in life.

Moon in Scorpio

Emotionally Obsessive

I will be honest with you, Moon in Scorpio is the hardest Moon Sign for me to understand. I think Scorpio likes that, though. Moon in Scorpio’s don’t even understand their own vat of emotions as they are too deep and all encompassing; you might be afraid to sink into those depths for fear of never returning.

Privacy and loyalty is of the utmost importance to you, and you devour your partner’s soul with control and force. You accomplish this by putting your partner through a series of tests; to ensure that they really do love you the way that they say. But this really is not a healthy way to establish love within your relationships.

I read that if you take a bullet for a Moon in Scorpio, they will assume that you set up the situation that got them shot at. Pretty much, they do not believe in surface values, they expect ulterior motives from others and always question others motives.

Scorpio is ruled by the 8th house of taboo subjects; death, sex and taxes!

In your eyes, your mother did not really know how to love you the way that you needed to be loved. She was either too much in your life, when you needed her to pull back; or nowhere to be found when you needed her the most.

Moon in Sagittarius

Emotionally Adventurous

A Moon in Sagittarius goes to a corner store, and comes back with the most elaborate and crazy story you could even imagine!

My brother-in-law has his Moon in Sagittarius and literally he goes to get gas and comes back with tales of Christmas miracles! Life is surely never a dull moment, when you have a funny and optimistic Moon in Sag around! They are the ones that are never home because they are out exploring the world around them through optimistic and fresh eyes.

Sagittarius is ruled by the 9th house of higher education, long distance travel, philosophy and spirituality.

In your eyes, your mother was adventurous, and pretty much left you to your own devices. It was hard to get her attention, as she was always at a distance–whether physically or emotionally. Your mother was a jovial person with an infectious laugh and a need for fun.

Moon in Capricorn

Emotionally Reserved

Status is important to you, and you want to be recognized for your ambition and success–which is almost guaranteed!

A Moon in Capricorn is tenacious, slow and steady, yet always achieves their goals–like a mountain goat climbing the highest point of the mountain.

A Moon in Capricorn needs health and a proper diet to function at their maximum abilities and generally ensure other people’s physical needs are met.

Capricorn is ruled by the 10th house of career, status and reputation.

In your eyes, your mother is a bit money-focused. Whether that is not having enough, or instilling the importance of monetary stability in your life. You should thank your mom, as her values have almost guaranteed you a life of hard work, and financial security so that you never have to stress like she did.

Moon in Aquarius

Emotionally Detached

A Moon in Aquarius person is different, unique and unlike anyone else you know. Moon in Aquarius’ are more focused on humanity as a whole, and may have trouble relating emotionally to close relationships. A Moon in Aquarius uses intellect to understand their emotions, instead of actually feeling them.

Individuality is needed for a Moon in Aquarius to feel emotionally secure, and the last thing they want are boundaries and limitations. You seem to be ahead of your time and you have innovative and ingenious ideas that are eventually met with the changing times.

Friends are sometimes closer to you than actual family and you pride yourself on being a good friend and humanitarian.

Aquarius is ruled by the 11th house of humanitarianism, peers and the public.

In your eyes, your mother is emotionally independent. Your mom never really had to discipline you because from a young age, you already established the idea of what is right and what is wrong–not really needing any help from mother dearest. This placement has the potential to be friends with your parents, rather than an authoritative relationship.

Moon in Pisces

Emotionally Instinctive

Art is needed for a Moon in Pisces to feel emotionally secure, and a Moon in Pisces is considered the artist of the zodiac.

Moon in Pisces are emotionally receptive and naive. They really just want to believe the best in every person they meet, so the truth and reality can be hard for them. Being sensitive in a cold world, is one of the best traits to have and Moon in Pisces describes this to a T.

Pisces is ruled by the 12th house of subconscious, the unseen world and mysticism.

In your eyes, your mom is a bit of an illusion; never really knowing how to be there for you. She may have had a hard life and used you as a crutch to achieve emotional stability. This may have crippled your ability to successfully understand relationship dynamics and you may have a Peter Pan mentality, or a fear of success or maturity.