The Sun represents our qualities, capabilities, strengths, skills, talents and our deepest potentials.

Sun in Leo


Crown’s Up!

Let’s face it–you’re the best!You are a natural-born leader and you own every minute of it!You enjoy being the center of attention and you express yourself in a dramatic manner.

You are a dynamic and generous leader and you have a loving nature that generates warmth in others. Rawr!


⊕ Dramatic
⊕ Idealistic
⊕ Proud
⊕ Ambitious
⊕ Creative
⊕ Dignified
⊕ Romantic
⊕ Generous
⊕ Self-assured
⊕ Optimistic


The Moon represents our emotions, feelings, how we feel about our Mother, and our instincts.

Moon in Leo

Emotionally Dramatic

My baby niece has her Moon in Leo, and babies are the best tool to use when defining a Moon’s characteristics.

My Niece feeds off of attention, praise and applause and you can pretty much get her to do anything if you have a smile on your face and clap for her afterwards.

The Moon in Leo loves to entertain, whether that be on stage or in the middle of the living room.

Moon in Leo’s need the dramatics, the attention and the support to shine! I find this is a very easy placement, as a Moon in Leo just wants to have fun, love life and be creative and adventurous. A Moon in Leo does not like to be embarrassed, so the best way to get your point across is to speak with them one on one with truth and understanding.

Leo is ruled by the 5th house of fun, creativity, children, speculation and gambling.

In your eyes, your mom is the centre of attention! Your mom is a dramatic person, with a sense of adventure and a “YOLO” attitude that has fed into your subconscious mind. Your mom may have dominated you in your youth.

Keep giving your mom reasons to be proud of you, and you will satisfy your emotional maternal needs.


Mercury represents our mind, the way we communicate and our reasoning abilities.

Mercury in Leo



Venus represents our affections, social urges, love, beauty and how we act in close relationships.

Venus in Leo



Mars represents our sexual drive and where we expel our energies.

Mars in Leo



Jupiter represents our expansion, growth and development.

Jupiter in Leo



Saturn represents our hardest lessons, learning principles and our authority.

Saturn in Leo



Uranus represents .

Uranus in Leo



Neptune represents .

Neptune in Leo



Pluto represents our .

Pluto in Leo


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