⊕  Dedicated

⊕  Determined

⊕  Practical

⊕ Hardworking

⊕  Down to Earth

⊕  Practical

⊕  Grounded

⊕ Serious

You are the worker bee of society. Hard work is rewarding to you and you do not look for the easy way to success, you appreciate the rewards that a hard day’s work will provide. You work hard for yourself and also expect the same from those around you.

Home is your haven and if your home is messy and unkempt, that is a sure sign that you are not doing well and need to re-balance yourself.  You have a strong sense of justice, right and wrong and you are honest and value honesty in others. You make an excellent friend and partner because you are loyal and very dependable.


Orderliness, logic and reliability are your tools and with these tools you will get the wealth you desire. You never shy away from responsibilities and you are willing to take on extra burdens to help out. You are the most reliable person and are valued for your loyalty and dependability.