⊕  Creativity

⊕  Optimistic

⊕  Generous

⊕ Giving

⊕  Charismatic

⊕  Listener

⊕  Playful

⊕ Witty

“You only live once” is your motto! You enjoy living life to the fullest, and do not worry about tomorrow.

You have difficulties taking responsibilities seriously because you are so optimistic that life will figure itself out. This may lead to a life of superficiality, lack of direction and procrastination.  Use your creative energy as your emotional outlet.

Don’t be afraid to be ambitious!

Self-expression is your essence! You are sociable with an excellent ability to entertain and a playful nature. You can easily win many friends with your wit, charm and optimism. You are gifted with two features–intelligence and a penetrating mind. Use it or lose it!

The greatest happiness for you is to love and be loved and it is vital for you to have an emotional attachment. Therefore you can make an excellent spouse and sex lies at the heart of many relationships that you start.