The most profound realization that humans will make in their lives is the reminder that we are in control.

Through the Power of Manifestation, that has been entrenched in all of us, we are able to create the lives that we truly desire.

It is very simple, and only takes the belief, trust and faith that everything that happens in our lives is for the highest good. It is what we created on a subconscious level and these creations can be altered.

There are many techniques that can aid one in Manifesting what they desire.

The most powerful technique that I use is the Lunar Phases. When we align with the Moon Cycles to release what is no longer serving us and to create what our soul needs, we are given the awesome support of our Grandmother Moon.

I am sure I do not have to convince you of the effects that the Moon has on the human body, as this is all but common knowledge. Anyone who has looked up at the Full Moon glow and felt something shift within them, will know on a deep level that the Moon is watching us, supporting us, and feeding our soul’s growth.

On the NEW Moon is when the Moon is there; however it is hidden. This is symbolic of how one manifests, by acknowledging the existence of your desires without actually seeing it. We know that the Moon is there, even though we cannot see it. We have trust and belief and absolute faith that the Moon will reveal itself in just 2 weeks time, because it ALWAYS has! This trust and knowing is exactly what is needed while manifesting! Just KNOW that what you have asked the Universe for will be given to you…it just may take some time for it to come to fruition, as the planet Earth is dense and slow moving.

On the FULL Moon is when you can see the beauty and light of the Moon at it’s full glory. It is a time to bring things to the open, to the conscious level in order to clear and heal from it. This is the perfect time to release anything that is no longer serving your highest good. The Full Moon is a comforting reminder of truth…it allows us to have faith in the unseen and the unknown, realizing that the light and truth will eventually reveal itself.

The FULL Moon is the time to release and let go of anything that is holding you back from manifesting your desires.

Majourity of the time, one cannot utilize their Manifestation Powers because there are other beliefs and “truths” that are not conducive to the new beliefs and truths that you are trying to create. For instance, someone who is trying to manifest a lottery win, is going against the learned belief that you have to work hard for your money. Because of decades of believing one thing, it is a process to clear these old beliefs from your subconscious mind.

On the Full Moon is when these old beliefs will be brought to your attention, so always be cognizant of the thoughts you are having on and near the Full Moon. Are they conducive to your goals and dreams or do they hinder your progress? By recognizing old habits and following the trail to find where they actually stem from, you will realize that those truths are not in fact yours and are just based on someone else’s experiences. The Full Moon gives you the courage and strength to release those learned beliefs once and for all and prepare for your transformation.



1On the New Moon write down a list of up to 10 AFFIRMATIONS that you wish to manifest. These can be hopes, dreams, desires, physical items, etc. By writing them in the form of AFFIRMATIONS (I WILL, I AM, THIS WILL) gives more power to your goals.

2Read the list aloud and TRULY believe that your goals will come true. Have faith that what you want IS going to come to you, in ANY and EVERY way. If you find yourself second guessing or doubting your goals, quickly say CANCEL. CANCEL. and CONSCIOUSLY and INTENTIONALLY focus only on the achievement of your goals. Trust that your intuition guided you to write down that particular list, because intuitively that is what your soul wanted. To second guess or doubt your intuition only hinders your progress, do not let your ego win by trying to convince you to analyze your desires.

3On the Full Moon BURN your Manifestation List and thank Grandmother Moon for helping you co-create your Universe.

4Patiently and expectantly wait for the Universe to deliver your manifestations within the months to come. Please, allow the Universe to deliver your desires to you in the ways that it will. It is not up to you to figure out HOW the Universe will deliver, all you can do is EXPECT that it will. Just like you would never question HOW the Moon will reveal itself, you just trust that the Full Moon it will be there. The Universe delivers in incredible ways that we could never, possibly imagine! The Universe is so intrinsically designed and flawless and will always give you what you want as long as you are allowing it to come into your life!

5Always remember to Thank the Universe or Source for everything that you have been given, as gratitude is the MOST powerful contributor to Manifesting your Desires!!

Happy Creating!!!