The Sun represents our qualities, capabilities, strengths, skills, talents and our deepest potentials.

Sun in Aries


This. Sign. Is. On. Fiyah!!!

As the first sign in the Zodiac, you are pioneering, direct, enthusiastic and active.
You like to take on new challenges and enjoy being the first and best in all that you do.
You are never daunted by failure and you move forward when others may see no way out.


⊕ Pioneering
⊕ Executive
⊕ Competitive
⊕ Impulsive
⊕ Eager
⊕ Courageous
⊕ Independent
⊕ Dynamic
⊕ Lives in the present


The Moon represents our emotions, feelings, how we feel about our Mother, and our instincts.

Moon in Aries

Emotionally Aggressive

Challenges are what make you feel emotionally secure, and you respond to life as if it were an adventure. You relate to experiences for self-realization and are impulsive, daring and fearless.

Try to develop patience, as the need for instant gratification can be a weakness in the world we live in.

You have an uneven temper and flare up without much provocation; the good thing is that you easily forgive and forget what got you fired up in the first place.

You feel with your ego.

Aries is ruled by the 1st house of personal expression and ego.

In your eyes, your mother represents Aries qualities: independent, active, outspoken, resolute and had a strong influence on you.


Mercury represents our mind, the way we communicate and our reasoning abilities.

Mercury in Aries


Mercury in Aries has a fiery tongue, a loud and dynamic personality that literally “speaks fire”. A Mercury in Aries will be eager and energetic in their speech, with a lot to say and no real filter. With this aspect, it is best to just explain to your family and friends that you are who you are. Explain to them that you mean no harm, and even though your words may burn a bit, it is all out of love and enthusiasm. 



Venus represents our affections, social urges, love, beauty and how we act in close relationships.

Venus in Aries


A Venus in Aries person is going to love sex. There really is no other way to put it, it is almost impossible for them to settle down as they are constantly looking for the next conquest. The best way to get this high sexual energy out, without getting you in trouble, is through experiences with your loved ones! Do something extreme, something that will get your blood pumping to ALL areas of your body.

A Venus in Aries has a dynamic and enduring personality, with a playful and fun attitude within relationships. Beauty is important to them, as they are a looks-based person who is more into the thrill of the chase than the actual catch. Keep your energy levels up, get yourself moving and you can be the loveliest person to be around!


Mars represents our sexual drive and where we expel our energies.

Mars in Aries


EASE UP! A Mars in Aries person may need some grounding crystals to combat their energy! Do you know the person weaving in and out of traffic, not going faster than anyone else but just wanting to be A HEAD? Yeah, that is a Mars in Aries! Being first, being the best, being looked up to and being seen are all attributes associated with this dynamic placement. 

A Mars in Aries has a lot of energy right at the bat, however sticking with ventures is difficult once that energy fizzles out. Unless other aspects of the chart will balance this out, Mars in Aries should see their tasks through, whether that be in their hobbies, careers or personal lives. 


Jupiter represents our expansion, growth and development.

Jupiter in Aries


Someone with their Jupiter in Aries needs to be active to feel lucky. This is someone who is thrill-seeking, gamblers, huge risk-takers. 

A Jupiter in Aries person loves to compete through sports, and feels like their are growing when they are exerting this energy. 


Saturn represents our hardest lessons, learning principles and our authority.

Saturn in Aries


A Saturn in Aries person feels like they need to be assertive in issues related to authority, seriousness and rules.


Uranus represents .

Uranus in Aries



Neptune represents .

Neptune in Aries



Pluto represents our .

Pluto in Aries


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